I don’t know for sure what I want to do with this site, but I have some ideas.  When walto.com (originally waltoworld.com) was launched in December 1997, social media sites were yet to be born.  This site served as a central hub for information sharing, about the goings in in my world.

Facebook.  Google+.  Twitter.  Instagram.  LibraryThing.  Smugmug.  Pandora.  Spotify.  Over time, I’ve gradually adopted these sites to service the sharing of personal updates, books, photos, and music, and the expense of leaving this site to gather dust while I try and figure out the direction forward.  So where is walto.com going?

First, it is going to simplify.  Back to basics – the written word.  Writing is what I like to do, but I have never felt comfortable with using FB as the avenue through which I could publish any type of meaningful writing.  Not that I write anything meaningful to anyone other than myself.  I used to write, regularly, for many years, until writing time became scarce, and less important.  I’d like to change that.

Second, with the change in direction, walto.com may become an open site, no longer requiring user registration.  There may be content which is only accessible to registered readers, but exactly what that means is still being worked out.